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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wind me up.

I just got through watching Sherlock Holmes for the first time. Ridiculous, I know, considering the level of Steampunketry involved in the plot. My personal favorite? The SP taser.

I believe we have entered an era obsessed with fusion. It’s obvious in music, for instance. You have symphonic metal groups like Apocalyptica, who boast of classically trained cellists and yet rock my face off with metal. Speaking of, you may also remember “No Leaf Clover” performed by Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra back in 1999. In 2000, Yellowcard made the unusual choice of using a violin in their songs. Adolescents went crazy for it. “OMG…” (Did they still use that back then?) “They’re using a VIOLIN.” Most recently, we have Muse, whose album Resistance is filled with symphonic tirades.

Fashion, of course. I’m not saying people are walking around dressed in Victorian era clothing. All I’m saying is that we may well be on our way to widespread Victorian fusion in the cut of our fabrics. I would like to point out that magazines like Vogue are sometimes filled with fashion that leans on period pieces. I was also rifling through a magazine at a doctor’s office and stumbled upon a Taylor Swift advertisement that teetered on the cusp.

A lot of my initial (and unpublishable) inspiration stemmed from Japanese Visual Kei movement, which has taken some interesting twists on the SP look and has picked up in popularity over the years. When it’s done right, it can really seduce you without trying. We want to be sophisticated without being stuffy. We long to be sexy, dashing, dapper and leather clad all at the same time. It sits primly with a heavily plumed hat and a fitted dress with fishnets underneath. It’s a top hat and shades, a cane and a leather waistcoat, a frock and a smoking pistol. We’re talking about elegant edge. Sherlock Holmes bare-knuckle boxing, for instance.

You can’t get any more awesome than that.

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