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Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday....

So, I just realized that I was supposed to blog today on here...oops! no, not oops, because here I am, blogging! But today will be a little on the lighter side, you could say. I thought I'd usually try and write about some of the books I've been reading lately, and I've certainly been busy with that.

Just finished (for the second time) PERFECT CHEMISTY by Simone Elkeles. Wow, what a great summer read. I can't wait to read CHAIN REACTION, her third in the series which comes out this summer. The PERFECT CHEMISTY series is a YA contemporary series that is sort of like West Side Story meets Grease. It's the love story of perfect high-school A-lister Brittany and the hot and fiery Alex Fuentes, the local gang-banging bad boy. They get paired up in their Chemistry class, and sparks fly. Be sure to check out the whole series.

But wait! you ask?

What is with the amazingly awesome cat-with-monacle that I see up on my screen? Is this EXQUISITE animal in any of Simone Elkeles dazzlingly awesome books? And the answer to that, my friends, is a sad no. But still, it was shown to me by my amazingly talented and hilarious steampunkian writer-niece, Meredith, and every time I see it, I have to laugh. And on Fridays, laughing is good, no? I must say that if cats with monacles are what the steampunk genre it all about, then sign me up, folks. Please, sign me up.

Have a good one, everybody.

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